a. Free Evaluation of your Project

b. Text Editing

c. Photo Selection and Enhancement

d. Layout and Design

e. Printing and Binding

f. Our Staff in Asia Makes Possible Top Quality Printing at Much Lower Cost than in the US

g. Free Marketing Help

First-time authors may find it rough going to put their work into print. The obstacles may include difficulty in obtaining an agent or a publisher in the current book market. Many agents and publishers are aiming for proven talent and are not as open as in the past to new and unknown writers.
Many fine books do not have sufficient commercial value to be of interest to publishers. For example, some books deal with highly specialized subject matter and the pool of potential readers is just too small.
There are additional reasons. A book may come into existence to support an author’s career as a lecturer or public speaker. There is, of course, prestige in being known as a published author. Whatever your reason, Williams Publishing Services will examine an outline, a portion of your manuscript, and your biography and give you a free evaluation of the various ways you might proceed.

Even the most widely read among us may have trouble with publishing formats, industry grammatical rules, industry uniform standards, and the sometimes baffling nature of the English language. The editing staff at Williams Publishing Services has many years of experience and can offer improvements to even the best manuscripts.

Layout and Design
All books require typesetting and design. Typically, this type of work is best performed by skilled graphic artists. WPS has access to some of the best in the world. Should you choose to use our services, you will share this access.

Photo Selection
For a book that is heavy in high-quality photos, one of the most important factors is the skilled editing of the photos. Artistic sense is required to imagine the raw photos cropped to their final format and in position on the pages. A visual rhythm is established with the reader that carries the pages forward like the melody of a song.

Photo Editing
WPS has been responsible for thousands of photographic decisions impacting dozens of coffee-table books. The books WPS has produced have won awards from The National Association of Independent Publishers (Best Coffee-Table Book).

Working with the latest color technology, WPS has economical Asian sources with state-of-the-art technology. WPS works with a variety of high-quality printing firms who use the latest equipment in combination with superior paper stock and inks.

If Williams Publishing Services takes on your book project, customized marketing recommendations will be made free of charge. Your publication will be shown at the annual American Book Sellers Convention (also known as Book Expo America) and possibly at some regional trade shows wihout additional cost. We have three decades of experience dealing with book wholesalers, library distributors, independent books stores, and book wholesalers selling to the gift trade.