Color Enhancement
Color Enhancement makes an enormous improvement in the final printed result. Many powerful programs designed to bring out the best in color photography are readily available. Many design companies skip this step. At WPS, we pay particular attention to making sure that every photo has been exposed to the latest enhancement procedures, because we know that this is the key to top quality color reproduction. Enhancement includes adjustment to contrast, exposure, sharpness, and saturation. Artistic sensibility is required in addition to technology.

Color Separations, and Color Printing
Quality color reproductions requires starting with a good photo, using all the color enhanement procedures, color correction in the separations, skilled plate-making, selection of premium grade paper and inks, and finally, a skilled press operator using a top of the line printing press. These machines cost millions of dollars, but are absolutely necessary for tight register and accurate inking. If any of these steps are short-cut, the printing is likely to result in muddy color.